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LOGG Wood Fuel Experts can offer advice on all aspects of wood fuel. The pages on this site will provide basic information on wood fuel. LOGG welcome the opportunity to help customers with choices of wood fuel and to provide assistance with any technical information that might be required.

With over 40 years in Forestry and Woodland management the collective experience of LOGG in the production and supply of a wide range of timbers and firewood production makes us able to answer most questions regarding fuel wood and to provide confidence to our customers when purchasing wood fuel. logoFAQ’s

Do you offer FREE Delivery?

Logg Free Delivery YO postcodes
Yes we offer free delivery within a 30 mile radius of a store near Stamford Bridge, East of York.

Logs Delivered to your Storage Area?

Log store deliveryLOGG can provide a log storage system free of charge, the timber pallets can be delivered direct to the home and delivered to the garage or log storage area.

It is important that access to the proposed delivery area is flat and has no obstacles in the way such as grass or gravel.

Do You Supply Log Stores?

Log Store

The timber log store is strong functional and ideal for log storage outside or in the garage.

A simple roof can be constructed if the logs are to remain outside.

For customers wanting the Kiln Dried Logs in their own store – shed or garage LOGG offer a log to store service for deliveries within 30 miles of Stamford Bridge

Free of Charge Stacking Service?

stacked firewoodAvailable for all deliveries within 30 miles of Stamford Bridge.  Customers when ordering can ask for the Free of Charge Stacking Service.

Where access is limited for direct delivery of pallets of logs . LOGG offer a FOC service for logs to be stacked in the customers storage facility.

Are Your Logs Suitable for Outdoor Ovens?

Logg’s kiln dried firewood is ideal for outdoor ovens as it’s easy to light and able to reach high temperatures which allows your oven to work efficiently.

If you use the wrong species of wood in your ourdoor oven it can release unpleasant, bitter flavours into the food and produce too much smoke which will leave soot deposits inside the oven and in your chimney if you have one.

Logg supply both birch and ash logs which are perfect for outdoor cooking.

What is the moisture content of your logs?

moisture content in wood
There is less than 14% moisture in our logs which results in a more efficient burn.

Log Burning Stove

The 8 KW stove above has been alight for 10 minutes and has 3 kiln dried logs burning.