Silver Birch Logs 40 Ltr Nets

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Contact me Please telephone me if you require some logs, we have nets of logs available for collection from Street Farm, Stamford Bridge 01759 371329. Thanks, Jimmy @ Logg

Silver Birch Logs 40 Ltr Nets


Kiln Dried Silver Birch  logs supplied in 40 Ltr  (13 -15 kg approx) nets for easy store.

**Please Note: The minimum delivery is 10 units.

If you require less you can collect call Jimmy on 07791111292 for more information

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Ready to Burn Silver Birch Logs 40 Ltr Nets

  • Supplied in 40 ltr nets (approx 13 – 15 Kg)
  • Logs are cut to 250 mm long and will fit 99% of standard size wood burning stoves
  • Moisture content is guaranteed to be less than 15% throughout the log
  • Kiln Dried Firewood offers significant benefits over seasoned hardwood logs.
    • Higher heating value
    • Low Ash
    • Less smoke
    • Easy to light
    • Reduced maintenance for the stove and flu

Make sure that your stove is working correctly – only use Kiln Dried Logs

Delivery Costs of Local and UK Mainland

Kiln dried Birch Nets are delivered Free of Charge within 30 miles of Stamford Bridge

Logg for kiln dried logs in Yorkshire Less than 14% moisture content for a more efficient burn
Logg for kiln dried logs in Yorkshire It makes sense to burn kiln dried fire wood from LOGG