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 "Absolutely brilliant service and communication, both about the product and delivery. The kiln dried birch logs have been undoubtedly the best that we have ever had; perfectly packaged, almost smoke free and always quick to light. Would definitely recommend LOGG."

Jo in Cornwall

 I had been considering trying kiln dried logs for a while and was spurred into action after a delivery of very damp logs caused no end of bother and no heat! Bob was very efficient, the logs were delivered quickly and placed straight into the barn, saving me a lot of time. They light very easily, give off heat almost instantly and a few logs can last a whole evening. An unexpected bonus was the wonderful smell as the wood is slowly burning. The wood burner is very easy to clean out and the glass stays clean. And, as they are kiln dried, they have no wildlife living in them and so are clean to bring  into the house where they look great stacked beside the fire.   Need I say more?!? I wouldn't buy anything else now.  Vicky - Stamford Bridge

Stamford Bridge Delivery

I have had a couple of orders from Logg now, and recognise that they are the best logs that I have bought (not the cheapest admitted, but quality and therefore value, is what counts!) Their dried nature means that they combust readily, and burn well. In fact last night I had no coal or firelighters left and an open fire was soon roaring in the grate with no bother – ideal at this mid season point in the year, when a coal base may be too hot, but a cheery glow in the grate is most welcome. In addition the service is friendly, prompt and reliable.   Sarah, Dunnington

Dunnington kiln dried log delivery

 Great service, even at short notice you try and fit us in for delivery. Kiln dried wood is brilliant quality and burns beautifully…nothing else I have ever tried burn, burns so well and so warm , great value for money and super service.  MS J Bellwood 

Great service from LOGG for Kiln Dried Logs

 'I began buying wood from Logg last winter. I had been looking for a good local supplier - having invested in a wood burner largely for environmental reasons, I didn't want to see the benefit wiped out by transporting my fuel over long distances. I was therefore absolutely delighted to find the highly professional Logg virtually on my doorstep...' Delivery is prompt and on time, and the logs are placed exactly where I need so there is no heavy lifting (by me at least!). The logs themselves are first rate. They not only burn extremely well and efficiently but also look good. This is a real bonus for me since I store some of them by my log burner. I cannot recommend Logg highly enough'. Best wishes Jackie Turpin - York

Jackie Turpin - York

 With no central heating, we rely on our wood burners. And having tried all sorts of seasoned logs over the years, it's been a revelation using quality kiln dried wood. It burns bright and hot and is very consistent. It even looks good stacked on the hearth.  The service from Logg has been great too: delivery is quick and only a phone call away. Highly recommended.

Jon And Charlotte - Yapham

 I used  kiln dried logs from Logg for the first time this winter. The logs were brilliant  and I will always use them from now on. These logs light instantly and so give off fantastic heat quickly. I have used significantly less firelighters and sticks.  My log burner has also been much cleaner. Delivery is always prompt and efficient.  I am extremely happy with the service that Bob at Logg has provided and look forward to getting my logs from him next winter. 

Emma Arundel - York


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