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Wood Fired Pizzas

Logg.co.uk logoPizza Baked with Kiln Dried Birch Logs

Oven fired pizza

NO chemicals used throughout the firewood production process.

Adds a nice, smokey flavour.

  • Wood fired ovens cook pizza quickly
  • Wood fired ovens boost food flavour
  • Wood fired ovens help food retain nutrients
  • Wood fired ovens fulfil other cooking purposes
  • Wood fired ovens save energy
Logg kiln dried logs for wood fired oven

How to Light a Fire

Logg.co.uk logoHow to Light a Fire with Kindling & Waxlings

Waxlings are made of shavings and wax to create an environmentally friendly option
compared to traditional firelighters that are made using paraffin wax and smell.

Waxling firelighters

Step 1

Using one Waxling break it open into the stove or fire place by twisting it in both directions.

Log Burning Stove waxlings

Step 3

Place one kiln dried silver birch log on top with the bark facing down.

Log Burning Stove

Step 5

Once the flu is warm and the log is properly alight another log can be place on top with the bark facing down. Leave the door for another few minutes on the latch to let the second log get alight then close the door.

Log Burning Stove fire

Step 2

Take 6 – 8 Dry sticks of kindliing and build a tower around the waxling fire lighter.

Log Burning Stove kindling

Step 4

Light the waxling and close the door leaving it very slightly open. Some stoves have a provision to leave the door on a latch allowing more air to pass into the chamber whilst the fire gets started.

Log Burning Stove kindling


Please note with wood the fire burns from the top, you do not need to have any air circulating from underneath the wood. The top air control is all that will be required once the fire is alight.

Do not over fill the stove with wood, it will not burn any hotter with more logs on, at least 50% of the space in the stove needs to be empty to allow proper combustion of the gases generated from heating the wood up.

Log Burning Stove

The 8 KW stove above has been alight for 10 minutes and has 3 kiln dried logs burning.

Four Lane Ends Shop

The Four Lane Ends  shop can now offer FOC delivery within 30 miles of Harrogate  to our Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield customers – this gives our customers big savings for LOGG products.

LOGG have worked with the Harrogate Log Store for a number of years and are very pleased that this new service is available to our customers.

The shop located  at Four Lanes End on the A59 west of Harrogate provides an excellent opportunity to purchase a wide range of logs, accessories along with excellent custom made Log Stores.

The Log Store
Four Lane Ends Farm
Burley Bank Road
North Yorkshire